V-Guard DU 850 Synergy

Feature Detail
Capacity 800VA
Normal Mode Working Range 100 - 280 V AC
UPS Mode Working Range 180 - 260 V AC
Output Waveform (backup) Pure Sine wave
Output Voltage (on battery) 210 %
Output Voltage Variance (on battery) +/- 10%
Output Frequency (on battery) 50 Hz
Output Frequency Variance(on battery) +/- 1
Output Voltage (on mains) 100 - 280 V AC
Calibration Accuracy +/- 2.5 %
UPS Mode Transfer Time < 15 ms
Norm. Mode Transfer Time < 15 ms
Inverter Efficiency > 80 %
Charging Mains + Solar
Mains charger Fly-back reactance charger
Solar charger MPPT Charger
Maximum panel capacity 500 W
Charging Modes Solar Mode (Solar Mode (Solar Priority)) ; Hybrid Mode (Hybrid Mode (Mains Priority))
Protections Overload, Short circuit, Battery deep discharge, Battery over charge, Mains low & high input voltage, Over temperature, Panel re
Soft Start Provided
Generator compatibility Provided
Spec. of Cabinet Metal cabinet with ABS front panel
Net Weight 9.800 Kg
Gross Weight 11.330 kg
Application 2 computers with 43cm color monitor, One Inkjet printer and One scanner
Accessories One PCU 50 No.of 100 W Panel, 2 Nos. of 150Ah Green Battery, 5Nos. of Module Mounting structure and Interlinking accessories
2 Years for PCU
Warranty 54 Months for battery*
25 Years for panel*
Capacity 800VA