Luminous Solar Retrofit

Luminous Solar Retrofit Solution is an upgrade of charge controller which converts conventional inverter to solar system. With unique mode selection provision it can be configured according to need & power conditions. It also has battery selection switch to suit the existing battery.

  • Easy upgradation
  • Solar optimization technique
  • Three modes selections
  • LED/ LCD indications
  • Inbuilt reverse polarity & reverse current protection
  • Wide choice of PV modules can be connected
  • System rating: 12Volt/20Amp,48V/50Am, 96V/50Am, 120V/50Am
  • Battery type selection switch
  • Four operational modes: auto/manual/charger/100% solar
  • Compatible with wide range of PV panel array wattage
  • Operating temperature range - 0˚C to 45˚C
  • Inbuilt protections for short circuit, over temp, over voltage, over current, over charge, deep discharge