Luminous Solar Charger Controller

Luminous Charge Controllers are PWM based controllers with 98% efficiency. It has option of USB charging & dusk to dawn feature. It comes in ratings of 6/10/20Amp. Electronic & Software controlled protections. Maintenance Free. USB Mobile charger Output. Option of SMF and Lead Acid Battery selection.

  • Automatic selection of 12v/24v battery
  • Aesthetic & compact design
  • 98% efficiency
  • Fuse-less electronic & software controlled protections
  • USB port
  • Option of SMF and lead acid battery selection
  • Load controller with LVD & dusk to dawn feature
  • PWM based technology
  • Automatic battery voltage selection of 12/24Volt (Available in 10amp & 20 Amp)
  • In built low voltage disconnect (LVD) & 20% extra power than rated capacity
  • 125 Watt panels in 12 system in 6Amps ; 200Watt & 400Watt panels in 12/24Volt system in 10Amps
  • 400Watt & 800Watt panels in 12/24Volt system in 20Amps