Luminous NXT PCU

Luminous Solar PCUs with Inbuilt MPPT Charge Controller are specially designed for Solar applications. These 1-Phase & 3-Phase PCUs are having high conversion feature. The DC Power generated from PV array is used to charge connected battery bank and also used to cater load through these PCUs. These PCUs being bi-directional have feature to charge batteries through grid also if Solar is not available.

  • MPPT based PCUs
  • Inbuilt O/P isolation transformer
  • Bi-directional PCU
  • Selectable source priority
  • 32 bit DSP controller
  • MOSFET/IGBT switching element
  • MCB at battery and O/P Compliance to IEC standards
  • Inbuilt MPPT charge controller with excellent conversion efficiency
  • Bi-Directional PCU with feature for battery charging through grid also
  • LCD display for local monitoring of system parameters, programming the desired settings and fault finding
  • Selectable source priority features to choose source priority as per availability and designed application
  • Advanced communication interface facilitates users to continuously monitor performance of installed system (optional)