Luminous SHL 20Wp

Luminous Solar Home Lamp 20Wp is a powerful solar lamp which can be easily charged during cloudy days with 20Wp solar PV module. It has two 7.5Ah batteries inbuilt and provision to connect external 12V any rating battery for more back up. It has two external LEDs and one inbuilt LED on the front panel each of 3W. It can charge mobiles, run DC fan.

  • Dual charging with preference to Solar
  • Stand for PV panel with proper angle
  • LED based general lighting system
  • Mobile charger with independent output
  • Main power On/Off switch
  • Total system shutdown after battery low point
  • Over current, short circuit protections
  • 4 step light intensity regulation with night lamp mode; >56 Hrs Back up on intensity level-4 and >120 Hrs Backup on intensity level-1 (with one lamp)
  • Two 3Watt SMD LED external & one inbuilt at the front
  • 12V DC regulated output for extra DC Lamp, DC Fan
  • Two 7.5Ah SMF battery inbuilt
  • 20Watt mono crystalline panel