Luminous Rapid Charge

Rapid Charge is specially designed to cater the needs of areas where there are frequent power cuts and that too for short durations. It offers high KVA ratings that too on a single battery, thereby savings on space & money.

  • First single battery based Home UPS that is capable of running heavy power loads such as steam iron, heater, immersion rod, rice cooker etc.
  • Twin output sockets for regular load as well as power load with intelligent output load optimization feature.
  • Charges battery with full current even when the mains input voltage is as low as 95 Volt.
  • Proprietary 'Rapid Battery Charge' (RBC) technology that can recharge the battery up to 60% faster.
# Model Capacity Input Voltage Output Max. Bulb Load Battery Max. Cha. Current Weight (LxWxH)
1 Rapid Charge 1650 1500 VA 90 - 290V 1200 Watt 27 A 17.7 40.2 x 32 x 15
Protection : Overload, Short-circuit, Deep Discharge & Reverse Polarity