Luminous Pro UPS

Luminous Pro UPS is a highly featured home ups in high KVA range with features such as Load and Battery charging level display in percentage, MCB Protection, seven segment digital display and faster charging makes it more preferred Home UPS model.

  • Battery charge level & load percentage display.
  • Smart charge technology that can charge battery quicker than normal long back-up UPS.
  • Capable of running heavy loads such as laser printers, photo-copiers, scanners etc.
  • Charges the battery with full current even when the Mains input voltage is as low as 95V.
  • User selectable switch for battery type (Tubular, Flat plate & Local battery) for optimum battery life & performance.
# Model Capacity Input Voltage Output Max. Bulb Load Battery Max. Cha. Current Weight (LxWxH)
1 Pro UPS 2250 2000 VA 100 - 290 V 1600 Watt 20 A 20.50 40 x 33.8 x 15
Protection : Overload, Short-circuit, Deep Discharge & Reverse Polarity