Exide Invago

Exide's INVAGO range of tubular batteries comes with wheel attached. Thanks to its propriety Torr Tubular technology, INVAGO is a powerful inverter battery, integrated with a trolley and inverter platform for easy mobility and handling. Why huff and puff to move a heavy battery, when you can simply wheel it where you want. It's truly Tubular Power on-the-go.

Capacity 150 Ah
  • Thick Tubular plates manufactured with Torr Tubular Technology
  • Housed in rugged cube containers and occupies less floor space
  • Bottom mounted castor wheels for free movement
  • Top mounted tray to house inverter
  • Sliding tray for easy topping up
  • More electrolyte- higher acid volume per ampere hour
  • Insulated brass bolt-on connectors for better conductivity
  • Most suitable for deep cycle application
  • Long life
  • 48-month warranty
Feature Detail
Battery Type INVAGO1500
Part Number FEGO-INVAGO1500
Capacity 150 Ah
Length +/_ 3mm 430mm
Width +/_ 3mm 290mm
Height +/_ 3mm 400mm
Nominal Filled Weight Kgs
Charging Current A
Warranty 48 Months